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We have worked with a lot of people that have been set free from ailments and delivered. We experience the miracle working power of God every day.


• A lady with a fractured leg called for prayer and was healed in minutes. She went to the doctor and a miracle had happened—she was healed.


• The presence of the Holy Spirit instantly healed a gentlemen with chronic pain in his back.


• We ministered to the homes of 25 people with different forms of cancer and helped them on the road to health through the power of God.
• In Oklahoma, a lady with severed nerves in her toes and nerve damage was healed through the prayer of our congregation through God’s power.


• A lady went into a diabetic coma and died. Through prayer, she was brought back to life.
• In a hospital, cancer was cast out of a patient’s head. The cancer was about the shape and size of a basketball and the windows of the hospital shook violently, but the patient was healed.


• Our Ministry reached hundreds and thousands of people worldwide.
• Thousands of Salvations and physical healings. We can help you too, with the love of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Services

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Montevallo, Birmingham, & Montgomery, Alabama, as well as Worldwide

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