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A Ministry That Heals the Soul

If you are depressed, medically ill, or have been abused, come to Hope and Prayer for healings and restorations. We are a Christian ministry in Montevallo, Alabama, with a mission to help those in need all over the United States.

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Deliverance Ministry (Strong Holds & Demonic Posessions)

Having been attacked several times by paranormal forces, it has become our goal to help rid people of these spirits so they can return to their normal lives. Using a high level of intuition, we connect with God to help cast out these demons from individuals and their homes. We use various tools in conjunction with our own natural gifts to eliminate ghosts, demonic energy, and paranormal activities.


Christian Revivals & Restorations

Join a ministry that believes that God’s Word, salvation, prayer, and revival groups are important for spiritual relationships. We encourage people to follow the Lord to be healed of their miseries. Our goal is to restore every human being and be a shining light for everyone.


Prayer for Salvation

After you pray this prayer, you are saved: “If you can confess with your mouth in the Lord Jesus Christ, and believe in your heart that he raised Christ from the dead. Please forgive me for all my sins, come into my heart and save me.”



We are looking to build a Christ-based triage center for men and women suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or depression. This triage will feature a 25-member staff, programs that can help de-escalate stress, and an operation lifeline for those drowning in issues as a result of PTSD. Our goal is reduce suicide rates for veterans by 20% within the next five years. Donate today to help us reach our $5,000,000 goal! All donations are tax deductible.

Prayer Services

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Service Areas

Montevallo, Birmingham, & Montgomery, Alabama, as well as Worldwide

EIN Number: 47-1977472