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Mission Statement

To reach the lost for Christ, proclaim the Gospel to the world. To bring physical and emotion healing to the broken, deliverance to the captives, light to the blind, and to magnify the cross of Jesus Christ. CST

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Healing the Nation One Person at a Time

Prayer and Hope is a unique Christian ministry dedicated to helping as many people as possible overcome their personal challenges and lead happier, healthier, and more spiritual lives. Join us today to learn how you can make a difference.

Eternal Devotions

We post eternal devotions that are designed to inspire and encourage you. Our devotions help you to better understand God’s work and become closer to Him.

Prayer Services

(218) 895-8440 (5789#)

24-Hour Prayer & Crisis Line

(866) 599-2264

Service Areas

Montevallo, Birmingham, & Montgomery, Alabama, as well as Worldwide

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